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Intrusion Detection

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intrusion2Matrix Perimeter Intrusion Detection system is a powerful integrated solution built as a sophisticated digital processor with advanced analytical software.


It carries out the detection, early warning and prevention of intrusions by unauthorised entities into areas or vital sites of high security, secret, sensitive or private abode. Its sensing controller has an inbuilt artificial intelligence algorithm that caters for complete interference suppression by analyzing and distinguishing actual intrusions from global noises or false alarms such as rain, wind, hailstorms, small animals etc. 

The system include third party sensors, CCTV, DVR, relays, floodlights, alarms, data communication systems, and other third party elements.

Typical implementations include: event detection, perimeter detection, intrusion detection, and threat identification.
Event detection applications, often referred to as ‘bell ringer’ or ‘trip-wire’ events, cue the system to a general area. (Examples of events include gunshots or explosions.) These applications require very sensitive sensors with short reaction times and limited identification capability.


This video illustrates Perimeter Intrusion Detection


Perimeter detection requires comprehensive coverage of a defined perimeter
Intrusion detection targets a specific area of defense within a well-defined area. Sensors used in these applications are typically highly sensitive, trading off FOR for sensitivity.
Threat identification sensors are often first cued by other sensors to a specific point. These devices offer high resolution capability, which is often achieved at the expense of speed, FOR, and/or sensitivity.

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