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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Matrix ANPR uses optical character recognition (OCR) after the captured image is refined. The software captures and converts vehicle registration number in to a real time data for retrospective match from database for Vehicle Management - Parking, Law Enforcement and other databases.


Typical Applications:

Parking - the plate number is used to automatically enter pre-paid members and calculate parking fee for non-members (by comparing the exit and entry times). The optional driver face image can be used to prevent car hijacking

Access Control - a gate automatically opens for authorized members in a secured area, thus replacing or assisting the security guard. The events are logged on a database and could be used to search the history of events.

Tolling - the car number is used to calculate the travel fee in a toll-road, or used to double-check the ticket.

Border Control - the car number is registered in the entry or exits to the Country, and used to monitor the border crossings. It can short the border crossing turnaround time and cut short the typical long lines.

Stolen cars - a list of stolen cars or unpaid fines is used to alert on a passing 'hot' cars. The 'black list' can be updated in real time and provide immediate alarm to the police force. The VPRS system is deployed on the roadside, and performs a real-time match between the passing cars and the list. When a match is found a siren or display is activated and the police officer is notified with the detected car and the reasons for stopping the car. 

Enforcement - the plate number is used to produce a violation fine on speed or red-light systems the manual process of preparing a violation fine is replaced by an automated process which reduces the overhead and turnaround time. The fines can be viewed and paid on-line.

Traffic control - the vehicles can be directed to different lanes according to their entry permits (such as in University complex projects). The system effectively reduces traffic congestions and the number of attendants. 

Marketing Tool - the car plates may be used to compile a list of frequent visitors for marketing purposes, or to build traffic profile (such as the frequency of entry verses the hour or day).

Travel - A number of ANPR units installed in different locations in city routes and the passing vehicle plate numbers can be matched between the points. The average speed and travel time between these points can be calculated and presented in order to monitor municipal traffic loads. Additionally, the average speed may be used to issue a speeding ticket.

Some of the features of Matrix ANPR is listed below

Accurate Number Plate Detection

Matrix has chosen the best algorithm which reads License plates at high accuracy rates, probably best in the industry. It captures all the license plates in the field of view of the camera in any weather condition day or night.

Ease of Use

The user GUI is very user friendly, hence the learning curve to use the system is very fast. The reports can be customised and can be generated very easily.

Small Foot Print

The license plates occupy very less space and hence the matching algorithm is very fast and accurate. The images cannot be manipulated as the images are converted to binary format and stored in encrypted format.

Real Time Information with Remote Access

The system supports IP connectivity along with redundant TCP/IP and hence can be used in vehicles as a web client. As the images are very small, comparing it in the large database is very fast.

Auto Notification

The system automatically recognises the license plates of the surrounding vehicles and compares it with the database for the license plates of interest and immediately alerts to take action.


The system is very simple and can be installed very fast as the wiring is simple and straightforward and if IP technology is used there are no need for wiring it is extremely fast.

The IP based cameras we use are robust and the recognition rate is very high, this device offers advanced digital video with latest compression technology with auto adjustment of brightness and contrast based on the lighting conditions.


Key Features :

  • Can be used for fixed or mobile application
  • Supports various international license plate formats
  • Single camera can be used for two lanes
  • Video Compression and Streaming is on camera
  • Plates can be captured up to vehicles traveling at 145kph