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Home security is a premier importance, securing your home with your loved ones is no more an option.

Our solutions are simple keeping the home target in to consideration we have designed our products for ease of use.

Matcess products with fingerprint technologies cater to home markets with the following advantages

  • No more lost or forgotten keys, as the system works on biometrics - you don't have to worry about keys.
  • No more locking your self outside your own home with out keys.
  • No more lock picking and intruder entering your home.
  • Video Surveillance inbuilt with option to watch video on your Internet enabled phone.
  • SMS alert in the event of intruder trying to enter your home.
  • Alarm system in the event of break in.


biometric_dooraccessA feeling of safety in your home is one thing that should never be compromised. True security begins with total access control: having the power to decide who enters your property, when they do so and where their point of entry originates.

Matcess products encompasses the complete needs of any property, regardless of size. After determining which of our products will blend most seamlessly with the lifestyle and habits of your family, our Engineers will help map out which points of security on your property will be most beneficial to the safety of your home. Telephone intercom systems for added communication with guests, keypad access, coded cards and attractive security gates add to your home’s appeal both practically and aesthetically. Matcess security products you can provide protected home access for a small group of people with very little access control complexity. A home is the single most important investment most people make in their lifetime; keep your investment and your family safe.