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Solutions for Banking Industry

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 Banking We believe biometrics identity authentication will figure prominently in the future of banking, it not only provides ultimate security but also provides apt audit. We can work in tandem with you to be the trend setter in banking industry, instead of WAWASAN 2020 – WAWASAN NOW bank.
We can help you to:
  • Reduce or Prevent fraud
  • Enhance revenues with better ROI
  • Manage and mitigate risk
  • Implement viable biometrics authentication for ATMs
  • Implement Biometrics for online banking, no more TAC’s.
  • Consolidate disparate security applications for banking and bank facilities

Industry Experts say that financial institutions in US alone lose $8 billion to identity theft and in Malaysia it is on the rising trend - but the true cost is much higher. For every dollar lost, five more are spent identifying and prosecuting the criminal.  If you have sensitive data either in-house or networked via the Internet, biometric identification adds an additional layer (Non-Hacking area) of security to personal and financial information.


We provide a full range of integrated financial/banking solutions and services for digital identity applications including physical access control, network security, electronic transaction security and time/attendance. All our products are fully scalable, and are designed with industry in mind for binary compatibility. It is upward compatible, supports multiple operating systems.



Biometrics Identification System (BIS)

BIS is a multi-modal biometrics authentication system, uses either fingerprint or face, or both in conjunction with other non-biometrics authentication system.

As consumers become more aware-and more fearful-of the growing danger of identity theft, they're also becoming increasingly frustrated with the number of passwords, PINs, account numbers, and access codes they are required to remember which are designed to keep their identity secure. Besides having to remember this information, individuals are further burdened with the necessity for carrying bank cards, proximity cards, badge swipes, etc. With BIS, you can offer your members or customers a convenient solution to these issues as you also protect your institutions from fraudulent transactions.

  • BIS biometric software and readers/scanners are easily networked and integrated with existing systems, and compared to the cost of teller-to-teller verification or obsolete inkless systems, are surprisingly affordable.
  • Add a face/fingerprint biometric front end to any windows or browser based application.
  • No integration is required. It is an Easy to use application.
  • Eliminate the fraudulent use of counterfeit IC or ID.
  • Speed and convenience for your customers, swiftly allow customers to authenticate themselves by eliminating the need to look for a card or even bring one.

biometric_vaultaccessBiometrics Access Control to Safe Vaults

If you've ever wished for a simple solution to traditional key/card-and-signature safe-deposit access, our face/ fingerprint recognition is it. Instead of time-consuming, manual card retrieval and signature matching, your customer simply touches the fingerprint reader, and our software responds with a box number-or numbers-and name. Its secure, convenient confirmation that reassures your customers and requires minimal teller time.

Consumers are becoming more aware - and more fearful - of the growing danger of identity theft. With our access control system, you can protect your institution and your customers by providing authentication for accessing safe deposit boxes using face/fingerprint recognition. Customers appreciate this convenient service and the peace of mind knowing they are more secure from fraudulent transactions and identity theft attempts.




Biometrics PC Access, Network Access and Password Eliminationbiometric_networking

Biometrics identification is the secure and convenient alternative to passwords and PINs. Easily and securely access Windows PCs, networks, applications, and websites using your face/ fingerprints.
Too many passwords or inappropriate passwords lead to security lapses in which virtual credentials are lost, forgotten, hacked, and compromised. Technical support experts estimate that up to 40% of all calls to help desks involve lost or forgotten passwords and that 80% of all security breaches revolve around compromised passwords or PINs. Our advanced biometric solution for network authentication that safeguards your accounts against unauthorized intrusion.

Replace your Windows log-on and password by associating your fingerprint with your standard log-on (Enrolment Screen).






biometric_internetaccessRemote Network Access for online transaction processing using Biometric Recognition.

d'face enable banks to offer one more level of security to customers, employees, and vendors who use the Internet or Intranet to communicate. How do you know that the other person on the other side of that Internet connection is really who they say they are? All at no cost if you are using face recognition as most of the computer users use web cam as standard equipment.

  • Will ensure the person who is doing the wire transfer or cash transfer is really who he claim to be?
  • d'face will secure identities before data is transferred to and from an Intranet, Internet or other type of remote location. Because security is weakest at the remote computer, d'face work with a web browser at the server level. d'face captures the user's face/fingerprint on a lightweight face/fingerprint reader at the local machine and then translates and encrypts the biometric data to be sent to the server for authentication. The authentication takes place at the web site's host environment versus the local machine - behind appropriate security and firewall technology. No record of Pins, passwords, or biometric data resides on the local computer.



Biometric Access to Secure Areasbiometric_dooraccess

Matcess identification can be a secure, convenient, and cost-effective alternative to passwords, badges, swipe cards and PINs. The biometric reader mounts on a wall near your secure door. These biometric scanners offer various levels of authorization for an individual. This authorization includes a scheduling mechanism for allowing access for individuals based on the time of day.

Unlike systems that require proprietary networking, Matcess uses your existing local area network

A truly secure method of securing electronic transactions - Biometric authorization takes place at the host web site's secure environment - not at the local machine where password and PINS can be entered by anyone.

  • Easy to install for end users - By installing a small Internet Explorer plug-in and the software driver for the biometric reader, an end user is now ready to go. An existing web cam or a biometric reader plugs into an available USB Port on the end user's computer.
  • Fosters goodwill by providing your customers and employees with the electronic security and "peace of mind" because you show the utmost importance for their secure transactions.