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Matcess 15000

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Matcess15000 - Multi-Modal Door Access Controller and Time Attendance System

Matcess15000 combines multi-modal biometric access control based on facial, finger, Password and/or RFID recognition with a myriad of other features that makes it an easy choice for users across a wide range of categories.

Modules for access control, time and attendance, GSM Alert, Remote Surveillance and IP phone, video surveillance and messaging are  included saving you money as you do not need to buy additional systems for these features. This allows you to learn one system for a wide variety of client needs.


How does Matcess work?

A user has a personal user profile stored on the system. When a user presents himself for authentication, the new scan is compared to the stored for a match. If there is a match, access is granted.


Better Saving? : - R.O.I: A Company with 10 Employees and each employee coming late or wasting 5 Minutes in a day will cover the cost of the equipment within 5 months – After that it is a saving to the company.


Flexible to Adopt your needs

An open architecture and modular , compatible with industry standard door controls and alarm systems and hence integration is easy and fast. Manage your existing access control and upgrade access control terminals wherever required - choose among several access control devices.

Efficient and Simple with User Friendly

The GUI’s are very ergonomic, monitoring and reporting is very flexible and simple.

Better Returns on Investment

As the solutions are based on both Network, Serial and end to end IP connectivity the wiring and configuring is less messy and less expensive.

Better Protection

Matrix solutions provide peace of mind as the solutions are secure. we use industry standard AES and 3DS encryption technologies in our system.

Binary Compatible Growth

Be it a 4 camera solution or 100 camera solution, which can be stretched across multiple location as it is IP based it can control unlimited number of doors and controllers through our unique federation technic.

Alarm Management

Configure or trigger alarms based on specific events. The alarm can be audio, SMS messaging, log file, procedure or snooze.

Advanced Reporting

System can generate access control reports for alarms, areas, employees, doors, elevators, zones or Customise their templates.

Web Client

Remotely with a secured connection configure and manage all components with out any applications on your client. The client can be a PC or a Mobile PC or a Phone.

Zone Monitoring

Access to different levels can be configured to employees or visitors by zones for better security and easy management.

Visitor Management

Optional Visitor Management System, check In visitors by entering their information and capturing their picture for future use. Allocate users based on their role and automatically assign zones.

Time attendance System

Check in and Check out time of the employees are recorded and can be used for Pay roll and Human Resource module to automate the calculation total time in the office. Biometric access control devices can be used to eliminate Buddy Punching and save money to your organization.

Partitioning and Privileges

Segment the access control system in to sub systems. Assign users to each partition based on their privileges and job function. This is very useful in a multi tenanted building.

All the Matrix access control products can be used as standalone, single door, Multiple doors using controllers.


Multiple door Configuration



Flexibility / Integration

You can tailor the system to your specific security needs now and change as your needs change. For high security you can use face recognition and combine it with fingerprint, PIN codes you can also combine it with any external ID device (RFID, ..).

The device is Protocol independent which allows you to connect practically any electronic device to the system (i.e. sensors, identification readers, alarms and other electronic devices). This also means that it can easily and inexpensively be integrated into your existing access control system.

The system can be stand alone or networked with other devices and computer networks.



We can’t always be there to oversee who is gaining access into our premises, and secure areas. Matcess can be there for you constantly on watch. It uses cutting edge biometric technology. Additionally its other built-in capabilities help make your job easier.

  • Built-in infrared camera, gives a time and date stamped visual record of all events thus discouraging abuse.

Additional built-in benefits


Motion Sensor - The system has inbuilt Motion Sensor


SMS Alert - The system alerts to your configured hand-phone if an intruder is in front of the door


Remote Surveillance - Allows the users to video stream from the front of the device to your (IP) Internet enabled hand-phone.


3G connection module for Internet in Remote Areas - Can configure to transmit data on long distances without a PC at remote location.

  • Server Rooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Small and Medium Offices
  • Government Offices
  • Military Installations
  • Corporate Offices
  • Banks & High Security Areas
  • Offices
  • Hotel
  • Data Room

Matcess15000 Installation Manual

Matcess15000 User Manual

Matcess15000 Brochure

Matcess15000 Quick Installation Guide


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