Solutions for Banking Industry

  We believe biometrics identity authentication will figure prominently in the future of banking, it not only provides ultimate security but also provides apt audit. We can work in tandem with you to be the trend setter in banking industry, instead of WAWASAN 2020 – WAWASAN See more details

Solutions for Government

Securing assets is a very challenging aspect for any government. This is fundamental component of day to day operations, a small security breach can trigger chaos amongst the public. A major hazard can topple a government. Government's have physical security concerns apart from Network Securi See more details

Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations and hospitals are focused on patient safety, privacy and cost reduction. However, in remaining to be competitive, nowadays hospitals and healthcare organizations are facing intense regulatory and operational pressures. Furthermore, violence, theft and vandalism are pu See more details

Solutions for Corporate

In the modern corporate world securing a company's asset is a fundamental component of a company's day to day operations. A minor hazard with in the  can tarnish the company image as corporate image is a primary concern in this century. A security attack from both internal and external sou See more details

Small Medium Companies

In the world of cut throat competition, having a affordable security solution is no more an option. Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) securing their assets is a fundamental requirement for the company to survive. SMEs face network security as well as physical security concerns such as specific See more details

Solutions for Military/Defence

Defence Assets are the primary assets of a nation, securing these assets is not only challenging but also pride of any defence establishment. This is fundamental component of a military day to day operations. A hazard can attack from both internal and external sources. Apart from network threa See more details


Home security is a premier importance, securing your home with your loved ones is no more an option. Our solutions are simple keeping the home target in to consideration we have designed our products for ease of use. Matcess products with fingerprint technologies cater to home markets with the f See more details
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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Vocational Training for Single Mothers to improve the Socio-Economic Conditions of Single Parent Families - partnering with Rotary Club and CIMB Foundation.
  • IT & Internet Training to Senior Citizens to improve communication with remote relatives using Internet, Skype, social networking - Partnering with Rotary Club.
  • IT & Internet Training to Refugees from Sri Lanka and Under privileged Children - Partnering with Rotary Club, FOMSO and UNHCR.
  • Pledge to use ROHS complaint devices, to reduce carbon foot print.